There are some necessary tools in toolkit for a vehicle which are important when you are going on a trip because if something goes wrong with your vehicle, you will be able to fix that problem with the toolkit. It is strongly advised that bring your toolkit whenever you are going for a trip or for any other work. If you don’t have your toolkit than you can bought it from our garage. Here are the list of some necessary tools for your toolkit.

• Different type of Screwdrivers.
• Screw holders
• Wrenches
• Socket Wrenches
• Combination Wrenches
• Torch
• Pliers and Wire cutters
• Torque Wrenches
• Gloves
• Zip Ties
• Lubricants and Cleaners
• Jack for Tire Replacement
• First-Aid Kit

Professional and Experienced Auto Mechanics.

Regular oil change will make your engine more efficient and have a better long life performance. When you feel your vehicle is creating smoke, you will advised to bring your vehicle to us for oil change by our expert mechanics. The main reason behind creating smoke is that the oil which is used as lubricant in engine will be messy and minimizes its lubricity and creates friction between gears of engine which in results creates smoke. Our garage offers full service of oil change and related services. Our mechanics knows very well that which oil is appropriate for your vehicle as different oil is used for every different vehicle. Right oil for vehicle is highly recommended to the maintenance of your vehicle.

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